How it feels to grow up as a football fan

I was born in a family where every man was involved in sports. My father used to be a football player when he was young, then the tradition was taken further by my brothers and eventually by me who was the youngest. Our weekends were pretty much all about football games even if it was in a stadium or at home in front of the television. Considering this, I pretty much grew up with the football running through my veins and I didn’t have a choice but I don’t complain about this, I love the sport and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Where I want to get with this is my story of growing up in a house full of soccer fans and what is the path that I followed after turning 18 and I will let you take a conclusion at the end of this. 

So as I said earlier, I became involved in this sport without a choice and I liked it. I have some flashbacks from when I was 3-5 years old even if my memory was not developed yet as I was seeing all my family gathered around the TV or everyone heading to the stadium. After growing a bit bigger, I also started to play football, of course as an amateur. At first I was playing with my friends in our neighborhood, then I started to play in the school’s team, then highschool and so on. I really liked it, but I never felt like taking this to the next level and becoming a professional. I’m not sure about the reason, but I just wanted to keep this as a passion that can help me stay in shape, relax and forget about problems.

While growing older, I started to see some of my friends becoming involved in betting predictions as they all needed some money to go out, buy some drinks or invite a girl to a movie and so on, you know this teenager stuff. On the first day when I saw one of my friends showing us a couple of bucks that he made out of a good bet, I became interested in it as well. When I turned 18 I wanted to try this out as well, so I started to place bets. Back then we didn’t really have any technology that could help us with the betting so it was all done the old-fashioned way. We used to write down on a paper what are the games that we are following and what’s our strategy.

Years have passed and the situation has become easier and more profitable. Many websites started to show up on the internet and we could watch the score live, then fast-forward a few more years we started to be able to place the bets online from our computers without having to go to a dedicated place in the city. Recently I also discovered a very interesting tool for Football Predictor Artificial Intelligence which basically uses an A.I. to predict what is going to happen with all the football games. What does it mean? Now you don’t have to waste a lot of time writing everything on paper and creating a strategy out of your own head, now you can take advantage of a robot who does this. And it does it better than everyone else. If you are also passionate about this and you want to try it out, I encourage you to do so and send me your opinion about it in the comments section of this article.

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