Do dogs get depressed?

Your dog’s tail is the best indicator of your four-legged friend’s mood. Generally, a raised tail means alertness, a wagging tail means excitement, and a lowered tail is fear. But can a dog suffer from depression? The answer is yes. Dog puzzle toys can be an excellent tool to keep your dog from getting depressed because they keep your furry friend physically and mentally active. Dogs know that once they complete the puzzle, they will receive a treat from you. If you want your dog to find its snack, you can use dog food puzzle toys where you can hide a small snack inside the toy, and your dog will get it once it solves the puzzle. Keep in mind that some of these toys have difficulty levels, so make sure your dog starts at the lowest level.

What causes your dog to get depressed?

Do you live alone and have to leave your dog every time you go out to work? Beware, loneliness is one of the causes of anxiety in dogs. For example, if your dog starts breaking things senselessly, they are sending you signals that they don’t know how to deal with being lonely. Spending too much time cooped up also causes anxiety in canines. Going for a walk in the park from time to time will help your dog to get rid of the stress caused by being indoors. You can also buy technological gadgets to communicate with your dog when you leave the house. From a robot that keeps your dog entertained while you’re away to the ability to videocall your dog to see how it’s doing.

Signs of a depressed dog

One of the most common signs of a depressed dog is when it’s not in the mood to do anything. For example, if you show your pet its favorite toy and it doesn’t get up, your dog is probably depressed. To rule out any health problems, contact your veterinarian. It is also likely that your dog is sick and has no energy to move. If your dog sleeps too much or eats sporadically, it could be depressed. If your four-legged friend has been cooped up for a long time, take it for a walk and see how it reacts. If its mood improves, repeat this process for several days until you see its tail wagging vigorously every time it knows it is going out. You should be aware that depression causes damage to your dog’s internal organs and can lead to death if the depression lasts for a long time.

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