Kevin Modany on Developing Future Leaders in the Workplace

As companies face leadership gaps due to Baby Boomer retirements and the Great Resignation, Kevin Modany highlights the importance of cultivating the next generation of leaders from within organizations. Drawing on his experience as an executive consultant, Kevin Modany outlines critical strategies to inspire upcoming leaders and ensure workplace collaboration.

Mentoring and coaching serve distinct yet complementary roles in readying promising employees for leadership duties. Mentoring involves an experienced leader sharing industry knowledge and guiding a mentee through professional challenges, often over many years. Coaching focuses on helping current leaders maximize strengths and overcome weaknesses to achieve specific goals. Together, these developmental relationships enable companies to nurture future leaders.

Kevin Modany points to six impactful strategies for leadership development:

  1. Foster a positive company culture where employees feel valued and take ownership of their contributions. High engagement lays the foundation for developing leaders.

  1. Provide wide-ranging learning opportunities through training programs, tuition reimbursement, and certifications. This shows employees their growth matters.

  1. Identify high-potentials early and give them stretch assignments to assess and develop leadership abilities. Mentors and coaches help guide them.

  1. Offer formal leadership training to build strategic thinking, communication, problem-solving, and other critical leadership skills. Kevin Modany favors transparency and earns buy-in.

  1. Continuously monitor program outcomes so development initiatives sync with organizational goals and needs.

  1. Design leadership programs that offer meaningful work and positive social impact, especially for younger workers like Millennials and Gen Z. This attracts and retains talent.

Leadership development stems from a supportive culture that accelerates growth by valuing all employees. Kevin Modany notes that high-achieving employees make excellent leadership candidates when provided with mentoring and coaching opportunities. Purpose-driven leadership roles also resonate with younger workers seeking personal fulfillment.

As the workforce evolves, deliberate leadership development ensures a pipeline of talented executives like Kevin Modany,who lead through inspiration, integrity, and vision. Companies equip the next generation with sound coaching and mentoring to conquer challenges and take the reins.

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