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The health paradigm shifts. People are bored in pain and they are tired of relying on drugs to get it all day. Pain and disease is a warning signal that something is not balanced; Taking drugs to cover these symptoms has never been a solution, only reduction in pain and temporary symptoms. In the end, this delay allows imbalances to deteriorate to the dysfunction and disease points. If the cover continues, defects or even death is the result. Our old system is truly treatment for diseases, not health care.

Only one or two generations, it is estimated that health, or lack, is a “luck of the lottery”. We know that family history (genetics) determines vulnerability to disease or disease. However, it is our lifestyle (everyday choices) that really creates the quality of our lives. The old and dating must be replaced with new and improved. We realize that the old health paradigm does not work, so we have to replace it with a newer, more functional based on all health aspects.

The new health model states that the human body is multi-dimensional and consists of these parts:

Physical networks – live bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and organs.

Chemistry – billions of chemical reactions work harmoniously every second to sustain life.

Emotional – thoughts, feelings, reactions, and perceptions through which we interpret the world where we live.

Energetic – aspect of smooth vibration that creates 99.9% of our existence.

Spiritual – unscented souls and finally our connection level with nature or creator.

Holistic health models recognize these parts. More importantly, it proves that imbalances in these regions can cause any level of symptoms or disease. To be truly healthy, someone must be physically, chemically, emotionally, spiritually and spiritually. Holistic healing work is about bringing people to be balanced.

The accumulation of stress at each level can create imbalances. Stress comes in various forms and can affect any body area:

Physical trauma such as falling or accident; posture or repeat movement.

Chemical diet or not balanced; Toxicity and exposure to environmental chemical.

Emotional or unbalanced relationships in the family or work – perpetuate negativity; behavior of beating yourself.

Energetic – environmental pollution with the use of increased electrical devices.

Spiritual – lack of self-care and soul; lack of trust system; destination.

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