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Modern medical science has come a long way in prevention and treatment of many diseases. Diabetics sufferers are able to manage their blood sugar with food changes and treatment. Although drugs have not been found, people with HIV live longer and live healthier when only a few years ago this diagnosis will mean certain deaths. Even those who need organ transplants can continue to live normally and productive in many cases. With all its success, it is often easy to ignore where modern drugs have missed the saying ship.

Down side of modern medicine

Many progress science and medicine have a special focus on pathology – that is, they are centered on defining, diagnosing and managing disease. Although this is undoubtedly an important and often complex process, there is more for health and human health than just making us feel better when we get sick.

The medical field has been divided into a large number of specialties that often make patients confused with doctors they must see for certain diseases. What ever involves a simple trip to your family doctor can now involve references to specialists. Involve the health insurance company in the mix and confusion only grows.

All health

The biggest and most striking deficiency in modern medicine is that most doctors are trained to treat symptoms and not that person. To enjoy full health, one must first be visible overall. There is little doubt that physical health is very important but to take care of the body by putting aside the mind and spirit is only a healthy person.

True Health Care – All health care is a process that is proactive and involved who views each of these three main components as having the same interests and treats everything with the same dedication.

Holistic Health Care Answers

By definition, holism or holistic health care, embrace the body, mind and spirit as the same three and interrelated parts. General bonds that connect various forms of different holistic therapy are that each of them treats your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Even one form of the best known and accepted holism – massage therapy – has a benefit that far exceeds only loosening your muscles. Massage sessions help relieve muscle tensions, relax the body and increase circulation throughout your body while simultaneously releasing stress and refreshing the mind.

With a variety of holistic choices, learning more about them can be too much challenges to do someone in a busy world today. Art Healing Center has introduced a way to bring the most knowledge and respected art practitioners healing directly to your home with a series of sessions on a DVD that allows you to learn at a comfortable speed without a time commitment after a long day at work or wasted time involved with engine results Seeker.

Customers for their programs accept new DVDs every two months taught by experts in various fields of healing art – not facial amateurs behind a computer monitor that can endanger your life or your family with information that is incomplete or wrong.

How do I know what to do?

First, it is very important for you to know that the point of this article is not to discredit modern medical establishments at all. The aim here is to help you understand that the doctor does not all know living things in whom we must place all the responsibilities of our health and well-being. Your health is your responsibility and the fact that you don’t have M.D. or PhD at the end of your signature is not in whatever way you reduce you about it.

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