Types of Air Coolers Offered by Crompton

Investing in an air conditioner is the most effective method to wave farewell to the summer’s scorching heat. Regrettably, a sizable majority of Indian inhabitants cannot afford an air conditioner for their houses. The best choice is to purchase an air conditioner from Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals. Indian companies dominate the Indian market for air coolers. Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals is a well-known brand of air coolers. This international corporation headquartered in Mumbai manufactures a variety of air coolers for its large client base. Crompton Greaves air room coolers are available in a range of cooling capabilities and feature sets. These features include a big cooling surface of 450 square feet, a water level indicator, a water drain plug, easy movement wheels, and inverter capabilities. This company’s air coolers are elegantly designed. Please feel free to browse our website and peruse our price list of Crompton Greaves Air Coolers in India.

Air Cooler Types

While all air coolers operate on the same basic concept of evaporative cooling, the various types of air coolers differ significantly. The sort of  room cooler you should purchase is determined by the location of the air cooler and the area you wish to cool.

  • Individual Air Conditioners

Personal air coolers are ideal for cooling 80-160 square foot areas. They are compact and take up little space, making them an excellent choice for tiny areas that require effective cooling. Crompton’s personal air coolers start at just Rs. 4,000 for the Genie Neo, which also features inverter functionality, ensuring that you will not be left without cooling during power outages.

  • Air Cooling Towers

The cooling towers of this style of cooler are not only beautiful in appearance but also extremely strong. Tower air coolers are ideal for rooms up to 160 square feet in size and enclosed environments. Crompton’s tower cooler line starts at Rs. 9,200, making them somewhat more expensive than personal coolers but offering improved cooling capability and a slew of amazing features. Additionally, the Optimus Neo 35 is equipped with engine overload safety, mosquito netting, an auto drain knob, and a remote control for convenient access.

  • Window-mounted Air Conditioners

As implied by the name, window coolers, like air conditioning units, are often mounted in windows. Additionally, they may be mounted on a platform or cart to make them mobile. While both tower and window coolers are ideal for the same types of rooms, certain window air cooler models are significantly more powerful and capable of cooling areas up to 235 square feet. Crompton’s window coolers are similarly priced, beginning at Rs. 9,990. The Optimus Prime 70 is an excellent choice if you want the greatest features of the Optimus line in a window cooler form.

  • Cooling Systems for the Desert

The desert cooler is the most powerful sort of air cooler. While they begin at Rs. 15,900, they also provide the greatest cooling available. A single desert air cooler is capable of efficiently cooling rooms ranging in size from 500 to 650 square feet. While conventional coolers rely heavily on blowers to cool, desert air room coolers rely heavily on fans. They are most effective in arid regions because, in addition to decreasing the temperature, they increase humidity. If you choose Crompton’s Optimus 65i, you’ll also receive humidity control in addition to other fantastic features found on an air conditioner, such as a remote control, auto swing, timer, and digital display.


Air coolers take up less room, are more affordable, and require less maintenance than an air conditioner. As a result, air coolers are the ideal alternative for many people. While air conditioners have certain advantages, the qualities offered by Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals air cooler are sometimes preferable for someone looking for a low-maintenance equipment. Crompton’s air coolers include cutting-edge features and technology to keep you cool.

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